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The Art of Mindful living workshop

The next 6 week  course starts 14th August 2017 at 18:00-20:00

This course is designed for people who want to learn how mindfulness techniques , cultivating gratitude, guided mediation can add a greater sense of meaning and value to your life. Often we can act on auto pilot, doing things mindlessly, we get up, do school run, go to work, do the washing, eat, work, pick kids up, sleep. By becoming more aware, more mindful, as opposed to a mind-full, we can infuse calm into our lives, and become reflective. The workshop has a coaching dimension to it, in that you can formulate long term goals, sharing your thoughts and ideas with other people.

The workshop will help you to;

Use mindfulness relaxation techniques
Learn key positive psychology approaches
De-stress and unwind
Learn about the power of intention, and how to set goals
Using creative visualisations to unblock resistance

The total cost of the  6 week course is £120 which can be paid in installments. Book now to reserve your place. Group discount / Early bird booking by 20th February £105 per person. Call 07853124712 or contact us

Venue:  The Urban Workspace Lofts, 69 Steward Street, Birmingham, B18 7AF