When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Dr Wayne Dyer

We live in a fast paced, highly charged 24/7 world. At times the pressure can be incredibly intense, and it can cause us to forget who we really are, leaving us feeling stuck, alone, tried, anxious, and unhappy. If you are on the page, you are probably looking to combat these challenges.

Everyone needs extra help at times. Mindful Living Therapies works with clients dealing with a range of challenges. Mindful Living Therapies offers Psychotherapeutic, and personal coaching services on a range of issues including; anxiety, depression, self confidence issues and habit cessation. Mindful Living Therapies offers 1:1 sessions both online, or in the heart of Birmingham where my practice is located. I adopt a holistic intergrative approach when working with clients. I am qualified in a number of modalities, including, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Counselling-Psychotherapy. I additionally deliver workshops on Mindful Hypnobirthing with Mindful Mamma (www.mindfulmamma.co.uk) and weekly Mindful Living classes. Mindful Living Therapies aims to help people connect better with themselves, and transcend personal barriers.

How I work

I offer confidential, professional therapy designed around your strengths and needs to help you get back on a path that’s right for you. Everyone is unique, so I believe it is important to find the right therapeutic process for you. I believe that we all know deep down what is best for us. Sometimes we lose sight of that, and it gets blurred by experiences or a build up of daily stressors in life that can cloud our judgement. Whether it’s Hypnotherapy, or Counselling-psychotherapy, I provide a safe, therapeutic space for clients.

In my experience, I have learned to recognise that one size does not fit all. I tailor my clinical approach to fit the unique needs and strengths of each individual. I look at the entire person, rather than a disorder or label. I think outside the box and use a gentle, engaged, interactive, collaborative, and creative approach.

I work with clients in a supportive way to facilitate them in gaining a deeper understanding of their thoughts and feelings and create an awareness that will help them move forward in life. Transformational changes can include; learning to look at past experiences from a new perspective, resolving emotional traumas and phobias, or overcoming old patterns of behaviour. My intention is to help clients reach a position where they can feel more independent and in control of their life, so they can experience a greater sense of clarity and confidence about themselves.

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Location details

I am primarily based at my private practice:

Urban Workspace Lofts
69 Steward Street
B18 7AF